Week 13 Update – A bad few weeks

No blog update last week and the main reasons for this is that I’ve had a bad couple of weeks on the plan – something that I’m pretty annoyed and ever so slightly embarrassed about.


Things WERE going really well – I could not make the meeting on Tuesday last week so had to go on the Sunday before last instead, so a few day early. That is when the problems started.

In the week before that Sunday I was really motivated and had followed the plan 100% – had a really good week at it. My expectations, especially as I was going in a morning (where your weight is generally at it’s lowest) were pretty high… and then I lost just 2lb. Don’t get me wrong – 2lb is still 2lb and on a non-lighterlife diet that would be a fairly decent result for a week, but when you are eating nothing but two bars and two shakes a day it is seen as a bit disappointing to say the least.

Looking back at it and rationalising it is easy – I’d started to exercise more that week and I was going on the Sunday rather than the Tuesday, etc. But at the time I didn’t rationalise it – I think my mind instead though “fuck it – if I am only going to lose 2lb, I might as well bloody well have some food!”

So for the next week and a half I cheated nearly every day – not on anything big – but small snacks here and there that bought me out of ketosis and stopped me from losing the weight that I would expect to lose on the plan.

So this week I skipped the football (which considering we lost 1-0 in the freezing cold wasn’t a bad thing) and made sure that I got to class. I am going to attempt to blog every day with an update on how many days I have had without cheating, so let’s start with today.

Days without cheating – 0

Hopefully tomorrow that number will go up!

On a positive note – despite having a couple of bad weeks – I did lose 3lb (so 5lb since my last update) – bring my weight to under 17st and over 4 and a half stone lost. If I have a good week then I should hit the 5st mark next Tuesday night. This week is also meant to be a milk week – where I am allowed 1pint of skimmed milk a day. Because of the last couple of weeks I’m currently thinking that I will skip this, but we’ll see how the week gets on.

Here is the updated targets for the week.

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb – DONE 23/09/14
Target 3 – Lose 35lb – DONE 07/10/14
Target 4 – Lose 50lb – DONE 05/10/14  Amazon Fire TV or Raspberry Pi
Target 5 – Lose 70lb
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb – Reward – Tattoo!
Target 8 – Loose 115lb (original goal)
Target 9 – Loose 125lb
FINAL GOAL – Loose 140lb (10st) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 66lb gone – 74lb to go (47.14% gone) – 22% of original weight lost

I’ve also updated my weight lose chart – and you can really see how the past few weeks have had an impact on my target and how long I will be on the programme for.   Really need to have a couple of big weeks of loss which considering that I have added more exercise into my life should be possible.