First update of 2015

So I’ve not updated for a few weeks as Christmas kind of got in the way of blogging… and weight loss!  I ended up eating far too much of all the wrongs things despite my best intentions and put on 3lb – the first time I’ve gained weight since I started the plan in September.

Since then (Monday) I’ve got straight back into it and my scales at home suggest that I’ve already lost somewhere between 6-8lb within the space of a few days,  meaning I have high hopes for next week’s weigh in.   I feel like I’ve found my mojo again and am finding it a lot easier to stick to the plan than I did before Christmas.   Perhaps the few days off and the gain was exactly what I needed?   I also feel like I’ve got so much more energy & have been busy getting things done in the garden and the house.

I found a good website on pinterest this week called Modelmydiet – which shows what you the “average” body type looks like at different weights, here is my start weight and current weight..



And here it is with my start vs. my goal..   Be interesting to see how it compares to my before and after photos when I am at goal!


The good thing about Christmas was that I got lots of new clothes and vouchers – it was so nice to be able to go and shop in “real” shops and buy stuff that fits- some even at a size L, rather than XXL or even XXXL where I was when I started.

Really excited about getting to my goal in 2015.   Will update again to share how the week pans out after weight in on Tuesday evening.