Day 93 Update

As mentioned in my post yesterday I am going to try and update the blog each day with a small update to keep me motivated.

So here is an update for yesterday, which was day 93 of the plan.

  • Cheat free days – 1
  • Steps 8851 (under 10k goal)
  • Sleep – 5hrs 44mins
  • Exercise – None 🙁

Was a good day back on the plan – had 2 bars and 2 shake packs and lots of water.   Went to a party and continued to stay away from the booze and still had a good time.

Exciting moment of the day was that my Fitbit Aria scales arrived – so now have the Flex & the Aria and am getting really into the ecosystem.  I’ve not been able to keep away from scales but the ones I had were terrible and unreliable so hopefully having some decent ones will be better and help me see how I am getting along in the week!