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Week 4 Weigh in Update

So last night was weigh in night with Sharon at the Dartford LighterLife and I was pretty nervous about what I was going to lose this week due to the slip outlined in my previous post..

It’s all good news though – I lost another 5lb – bringing me total weight loss across four weeks to 31lb / 2st 3lb / 14kg.

I initially said I wanted to lose 3st by the time that this years A4Uexpo/PMI London on the 28th/29th October so with 4 weeks to go I’d say that I am pretty much nailed in guaranteed to at the very least have lost the 3st if my current rate loss continues.

Update to targets below:

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb – DONE
Target 3 – Lose 35lb
Target 4 – Lose 50lb
Target 5 – Lose 70lb
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb
Target 8 – Loose 110lb
FINAL GOAL – Lose 115lb (8st 2lb) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 31lb gone – 84lb to go (26.95% gone)

So far this week is going well – I’ve been feeling much more motivated so with a planned bike ride at the weekend and perhaps another swim thrown in later this week I’d hope to have a big loss when I weigh in again next week.

Next week is also my first 28 day check – so I’ll get measured and will be able to find out what the weight loss has meant in real terms.

Week 4 Update

So it’s weigh in day tomorrow and this week has been another struggle unfortunately, but I am feeling quite positive after having a hair cut and shave and looking at a comparison photo 4 weeks in.

Friday and Saturday I didn’t stick to the Lighter Life plan as well as I had hoped for different reasons…  I won’t go into the details but giving up food near enough entirely compared to what I used to eat does feel a bit like I’m an alcoholic giving up the juice!   Part of my brain just doesn’t listen but at least I am talking about it and knowing where I am going wrong.

Here is the photo that I just mentioned.   On the left is me on holiday in August and on the right is at lunch today, 4 weeks into the plan.



The photo on the left I really do hate and looking at it was one of the reasons that I decided to take “drastic” action.    I can certainly see some weight loss on the face and it’s no coincidence that the top button on my of my shirts does up now!

In terms of what I am hoping for tomorrow – 2lb is the minimum that I would hope for this week to make the total loss 2st but despite the lapse on Friday and Saturday I’m still hoping for at least 4lb to bring the total to 30lb or more lost in 4 weeks.

Another possitive thing is that 3 weeks ago (a few days after I started) I tried on a suit jacket that has not fit me in a number of years and it was nowhere near doing up…. I tried it on again yesterday and it looked and felt much better – with the buttons doing up but still looking at tiny bit stretched… I think that one or two more weeks away I’ll be putting my current jacket (which was looked pretty stretched before I started) into early retirement.

Onwards and Upwards.  Weight Loss Update in the next day or so…