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BOOM! Back with a bang!

I thought it might be a good week this week and guess what?  It bloody well was!  Ignoring the first week (where it’s all water loss) it’s been my best week yet and tonight at weigh in I’d lost a massive 10lb in one week!   Here is what that looks like:


That brings my total weight loss since I started on the 2nd September to exactly 6st! I’m now also 98kg- under 100kg for the first time in my adult life.

I can’t thank Lighter Life enough for turning my life around and for all my friends and family for their constant support… Whenever I post a photo or msg on Facebook I get such amazing comments and every one of them has really helped ensure that I keep going at this… but I still I have a long way to go!

Time for a quick update then…

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb – DONE 23/09/14
Target 3 – Lose 35lb – DONE 07/10/14
Target 4 – Lose 50lb – DONE 05/11/14  Amazon Fire TV or Raspberry Pi
Target 5 – Lose 70lb – DONE 09/12/14 
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb – Reward – Tattoo!
Target 8 – Loose 115lb (original goal)
Target 9 – Loose 125lb
FINAL GOAL – Loose 140lb (10st) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 84lb gone – 56lb to go (60% gone) – 28% of original weight lost

Going to the US on the Saturday after next and I’m currently thinking that I’ll take the week off from the plan and enjoy myself, even if I put a few lb on so it would be amazing to try and be under 15st by the time I get on the plan..  11 days to lose 7lb?   Doable, I think!