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1st Weigh in

So I had to get weighed in a little earlier this week as I am off to the USA today.     I started the programme on Wednesday so have only been on it for 4 days so far and would usually get weighed in on Tuesday….

So with all that said (drum roll please…) so far I have lost…..

13lb!!!!  Considering that is in only 4 days I have to say that I am pretty happy with that and it was certainly more than I was expecting.

I also had to wee on a stick to check that I am in fat burning mode and thankfully I am which means I’m now allowed to have the bars – making it a lot easier for the plane journey later today.

Quite excited to see how much I can lose by Tuesday now and into my 2nd week and very glad I took the plunge and started a little earlier than planned.

Day 4 of Lighter Life

A short update today as I should really be packing for my trip to the US tomorrow afternoon.

Today has been a bit of a weird challenge.   When you start lighter life you’re told the first 3 days are usually the worse and whilst I’ve not found it massively difficult I’ve still been hungry at times and wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Day 4 on the other hand – whilst still having food cravings – has seen a complete lack of hunger.    It’s 10pm right now and I’ve just had to make pack 4 (chocolate shake) because I’m told I need to have 4 packs a day and don’t want to get shouted at my Sharron, my LL counselor tomorrow morning!

Hopefully my body has entered ketosis (I think it has) as if so then I can get some bars tomorrow as I will ideally have these as my “meals” on the 11 hour flight tomorrow.

I’m really worried about the US – not only because it’s the fast food nation but also because I’m going to a conference where they serve up Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to everyone except me!  I’m also going to a couple of “cocktail” parties in the evening where again I’ll be sticking to the water, something I don’t think I’ve ever done since the age of 16 onwards!

I’m hoping to continue to update the blog whilst I’m away as even if nobody is reading this – it does seem to help writing down my thoughts at the end of the day.


Day 3 of Lighter Life

Today was going so well.    I had a banana shake in the morning for breakfast instead of the usual porridge… The Veg soup for lunch was really nice… The strawberry shake in the afternoon was my favourite yet.. Lots of water, no feeling hungry… all great…

Then some git got on the train and ate the smelliest (in a nice way) hot chicken dish known to man!

All of a sudden I was so bloody hungry!

So despite a productive & good day at work I ended up coming home in a bit of a mood!

Thankfully tonights dish was the pasta carbonara which was really good!   All of the dinners have been a lot better than I expected and it half makes up for the small portions!

I also this evening made an ice pop out of the fruits of the forest drinks mix so am looking forward to giving this a try a bit later on when it’s all set a bit later.

The other thing I have noticed this evening is that my mouth tastes horrible – so imagine the smelly breath is really into full swing!

Oh finally the other thing I noticed?   That would be at least 3lb lost since I started a few days ago.   I know I shouldn’t really weigh myself at home and wait until the next group session to see what the real loss is, but it does feel good that just a few days of hard work are already having a bit of an impact.

Tomorrow is going to be the biggest challenge yet.   At work I’ve been occupied with meetings and lots of things to do – but at home I have cupboards full of food that I am so desperate to eat!   I know that my will power this time round will keep me strong though, especially as it seems to be working so far.


Day 2 of Lighter Life

Day 2 has actually been a lot easier than I expected.   I’ve had a few small hunger pains but overall I’ve actually felt quite energetic and have not really struggled to keep on track.

To start the day I went for the Porridge option again but put in a lot less water and did it to taste this time which seemed to make it more of a porridge than a drink!     It worked well however it tasted quite sweet and I struggled a little after eating half of it to get the rest down, so I think I will need some more options for breakfast… Before I started Lighter Life I found a forum post on unofficial Lighter Life recipes so I am going to attempt to give a few of these a go, starting with the muffin recipe to try and get a bit more variety in my life.

In the afternoon I went for the soup option – this time mushroom and spring onion.


I actually quite enjoyed this and thought the flavor was nicer than the Tomato and Basil one that I had yesterday…..BUT….. there were what seemed like dried mushrooms in the pack which didn’t soak in the water as much as I had hoped they would and ended up having an almost rubber like complexion..  A real shame but will def get another of these to try again I think.

Later in the day (around 4pm) I had the vanilla shake – which again I preferred today compared to the chocolate one that I had the day before, but both of them to be fair were OK as far as taste goes.

And lastly in the evening I went for the “Curry” pack.   It tasted more like a chilli con carne without any rice, which isn’t a bad thing I guess, just kind of wish there was more of it!

Apparently it takes around three days to enter ketosis and already feeling like my breath is starting to smell (one of the side effects) which I guess is a good thing (apart from for those around me).

More tomorrow..