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Day 1 of Lighter Life Continued..

It’s now 9pm and I’ve finished my evening meal.   It’s probably the one I’ve been dreading the most today as a friend who is on the plan said that he hated the main meals so I wasn’t expecting much.   Tonight I went for spaghetti bolognese.

This is what it looked like when I put the pack into the bowl…  not the most appealing thing I’ve seen I have to admit.



But add some water and stick it in the microwave and it does start to look a little better….


A read of the starter book has also informed me that I am able to add salt, pepper or tabasco sauce so I went for the tabasco option and it was actually pretty decent!   Definitely one that I will get again.

An early night is now on the cards as I’m starting to feel hungry and can’t eat anything else till the morning!

Day 1 of Lighter Life

So today is the day.    I get up both nervous and excited with no idea of how challenging this is going to be.

The below is a photo of today’s “menu”.    Looks pretty appetising  doesn’t it?



I started the day with a Porridge.  All packs just require you to add water and the suggest amount here was 150ml before popping in the microwave for 2 minutes.     I first put this into a bowl and attempted to eat it with a spoon but I soon found that the consistency was very much more like liquid so I ended up drinking it instead.    I think I’ll try this again tomorrow but add a little less water and see how it comes out.

I took the soup and the chocolate shake into the office and bought a litre bottle of water on the way into the office.    You are meant to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day which some people find quite difficult. By 4pm I had already had double this amount so don’t think drinking will be a problem when in the office!   At home may be a bit more difficult though as I’m not the biggest fan of the tap water in our house.

The soup I ate around 12.30pm and just mixed with boiling water.   It tasted OK but by 3pm I was hungry so started on the milkshake which actually took me a good hour or so to drink.    I’m not actually sure if I am hungry or just thinking too much about food – I’ve had a craving for crisps pretty much all day but have managed to occupy myself pretty well.

Another update later.. 



MY Lighter Life Journey starts here..

I hate being fat. It’s really not a very pleasant or enjoyable thing.

I’ve tried losing weight lots of times but I’m not very good at this, losing will power and motivation early on and ending up in a worse place than when I started originally. I’m obviously conscious that this is my own fault and I know that some would argue that if I really wanted to lose weight then I’d stick to it. I also know that what we’re taught throughout our life is that to not be fat, you need to exercise and eat less. I get all this, I really do, yet I fail miserably to fix this part of my life, despite how unhappy and depressed it sometimes makes me.

But today I’m trying something new and I thought that blogging about it would help keep me motivated and perhaps help me succeed.

I shall be attempting the Lighter Life scheme – a pretty extreme (but NHS approved) diet that allows you to ONLY eat/drink their food packs and water.   It works by eating very few calories and putting your body into what’s called ketosis.   I originally came by Lighter Life a few years ago after an industry colleague lost a LOT of weight and has since kept the majority of it off.   I was encouraged off the idea by my wife but after another friend lost 8st recently (and is almost at his target weight) I took my wife along to hear more about it.     Her previous objection had been that people who take this form of diet usually put it all back on again – but after hearing about the maintenance plan that slowly puts food back into your diet she was a lot happier for me to give it a go.

Day 0

After meeting my consultant Sharron at the weekend I was planning on starting Lighter Life in a few weeks due to a business trip to the USA all of next week.  This would have probably made more sense but after getting back from work and feeling a bit depressed I decided that there is no time like the present and managed to go along to the evenings session to pick up my starter pack and food order.

I have to say I really enjoyed the evening class – I’ve been to many diet groups before but this was a much smaller group (about 6 of us in total) and men only which I think helps as there are a lot of shared experiences.  Each week you there is what they call a “counseling session” – and this week we discussed self sabotage when on diets and how to prevent going off-course.  It lasted about an hour and was really good to hear in the same boat as you are.    A few of the guys there had been going for 10+ weeks so I also saw some of their before & after pictures which were amazing and yet again helped give me some extra motivation and make me feel like I had made the right decision.

From what was said if I stick to the plan I should loose between 9-15lb in my first week and most people who do this plan drop 5-7lb each week  – which is another reason they suggest it works because you can see the change in your body in a very short space of time.

At the end of the evening I picked up the food that I ordered (pretty much one of everything!) and arranged to meet my consultant again early on Sunday morning before I fly to the US to make sure that everything is going well.

The next few days are going to be a challenge whilst the body starts to enter into Ketosis but right now I’m feeling confident that I made the right choice and will hopefully continue to blog about my progress.