Back from the USA

So I took a week off whilst I was away in the USA – which really means that I took about 2 weeks off as my mind was telling me before hand “well you’re going away, you may as well eat this” during the week before I went.

Originally I told myself that I’d eat well, get some exercise in and not aim to put weight on.

What actually happened is I ate terribly (lots of wings and some great ribs!) and drank a lot of booze!   I didn’t stick to the plan at all and only managed one gym session despite both of my hotels having gym access.

So tonight I went to weigh in and two weeks since my last weigh in I had put on 5lb – and 8lb since my great week of 10lb loss after Christmas.   It’s not great – and it’s set me back, but it could have been worse!

This week is going to be tough!   Really need to get back on the plan, back into keto and have a big weight loss week..