A better week

So another Tuesday night is over and done with which means another weekly weigh in has happened!    After a couple of fairly shit weeks for the plan I am a bit more back on track this week and feel really happy tonight.

It’s not been a perfect week but I think I’ve realised now that the perfect week is always going to be very challenging as I continued to battle my food addiction.   That being said I have had 4 out of 7 days where I have done the plan correctly and I’ve put in some good shifts at the gym to increase my exercise levels.

I was really worried going into class this week that I had not lost the target of 4lb that I set last week.   I think if I had not lost it I would have ended up being pretty pissed off.

But I did.  This week I lost 5lb – so have now hit my next target and lost 71lb – which is 5st 1lb since I started this plan on the 2nd September.

Here is an image I found… the fish below weighs in at 70lb…


I’m feeling much better and really motivated to keep going – I’m going to start my 8 weeks maintenance when I hit 9st and am now just over half way towards my target weight.   With just 2 more weeks till Christmas I am hoping that I can go into Christmas day being under 16st.. which could even happen next week if I have another good week and build upon what I’ve done this week.

So here’s a target update to finish off todays post.

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb – DONE 23/09/14
Target 3 – Lose 35lb – DONE 07/10/14
Target 4 – Lose 50lb – DONE 05/11/14  Amazon Fire TV or Raspberry Pi
Target 5 – Lose 70lb – DONE 09/12/14 
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb – Reward – Tattoo!
Target 8 – Loose 115lb (original goal)
Target 9 – Loose 125lb
FINAL GOAL – Loose 140lb (10st) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 71lb gone – 69lb to go (50.71% gone) – 23.67% of original weight lost

Thanks for reading and to my friends & family for the continued support and encouragement.