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Week 4 Update

So it’s weigh in day tomorrow and this week has been another struggle unfortunately, but I am feeling quite positive after having a hair cut and shave and looking at a comparison photo 4 weeks in.

Friday and Saturday I didn’t stick to the Lighter Life plan as well as I had hoped for different reasons…  I won’t go into the details but giving up food near enough entirely compared to what I used to eat does feel a bit like I’m an alcoholic giving up the juice!   Part of my brain just doesn’t listen but at least I am talking about it and knowing where I am going wrong.

Here is the photo that I just mentioned.   On the left is me on holiday in August and on the right is at lunch today, 4 weeks into the plan.



The photo on the left I really do hate and looking at it was one of the reasons that I decided to take “drastic” action.    I can certainly see some weight loss on the face and it’s no coincidence that the top button on my of my shirts does up now!

In terms of what I am hoping for tomorrow – 2lb is the minimum that I would hope for this week to make the total loss 2st but despite the lapse on Friday and Saturday I’m still hoping for at least 4lb to bring the total to 30lb or more lost in 4 weeks.

Another possitive thing is that 3 weeks ago (a few days after I started) I tried on a suit jacket that has not fit me in a number of years and it was nowhere near doing up…. I tried it on again yesterday and it looked and felt much better – with the buttons doing up but still looking at tiny bit stretched… I think that one or two more weeks away I’ll be putting my current jacket (which was looked pretty stretched before I started) into early retirement.

Onwards and Upwards.  Weight Loss Update in the next day or so…

A tale of cheating, my inner child and a week 3 weigh in

So this week has been a challenge – which apparently is to be expected of week 3 as the boredom of drinking 2 milkshakes and eating 2 bars sets in…

It was also a challenge which I failed a little. As a reminder it’s really important on Lighter Life that you stick to the diet – and don’t eat ANYTHING else – you are not even allowed sugar free chewing gum.

So the reason I failed this week is because I have eaten a little food – a couple of slices of bread and a little taste of the food I was cooking for the family on Saturday and Sunday. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not like I’ve been on a binge, but it’s still a little frustrating and disappointing.

The worse thing about the above though is that I kept it very secretive – eating the bread when Lindsey was in the other room and hoping not to get “caught”. It’s something that to anyone who hasn’t had weight problems may sound ridiculous. So in class tonight I admitted this and we talked a little about what might have caused me to act in this manner.

My weight really starting to increase when I was at school – I was bullied and pretty much hated my life so took to comfort eating. I think this is when I started to become a bit of a “secret” eater – climbing up on the sides to reach the crisps that my parents had stored on top of a cupboard when they were not looking and eating them as quick as possible so that nobody would notice for example… again this sounds stupid and ridiculous but I think I carried on with this for most of my life – something that I know needs to stop.


Another thing that I need to do this week is get rid of the scales in the house. Whenever I am trying to lose weight I end up getting quite obsessive with checking my weight and have been doing so pretty much 4 or 5 times a day recently – which I don’t think is helping at all. I’ve asked Lindsey to either hide the scales or just get rid of them completely which I think will help as they don’t necessarily match the ones that we have at group and this just makes things worse!

So all in all it was a pretty intense class and left me feeling quite emotional… but there is some good news..

Despite the slight fall of the wagon I have continued to shed some weight this week – another 5lb which brings my weight loss across three weeks to 26lb.  This means I am just 2lb away from the 2 stone mark and have hit the second target that I set! So here is an update on the targets:

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb – DONE
Target 3 – Lose 35lb
Target 4 – Lose 50lb
Target 5 – Lose 70lb
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb
Target 8 – Loose 110lb
FINAL GOAL – Lose 115lb (8st 2lb) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 26lb gone – 89lb to go (22.61% gone)

The other positive this week is that I’ve started to actual notice the weight loss a lot more.. mainly around my face and chest rather than my gut – which means that top buttons on shirts are actually doing up and my suit jacket no longer seems to feel (and show) the strain of not really fitting as well as it should.

This week I have a few challenges ahead – starting with attending an event tonight in an executive box at Selhurst Park to see Palace vs. Newcastle. It’s organised by Affiliate Window – one of our suppliers – and everyone else will be eating a 3 course meal and drinking before kick off I suspect. Then at the weekend it is Kieran’s 12th birthday where we will either be doing a BBQ or getting a takeout for him and a couple of his mates and I’ll obviously have to avoid the birthday cake!

Hopefully the renewed faith in my will power and ability to succeed in this challenge will help me reach a good number for weight loss this week – with the target to make it over the 30lb mark and bringing my weight closer to being it’s lowest for the past 10 years.

Week 2 update

I have a pretty good excuse for not updating the blog for a week and thankfully it’s NOT that I’ve given up on the diet completely! Unfortunately the place that we stayed in for the conference I attended in Santa Barbra didn’t have any wifi/internet so the only way I could get online was either on my phone (which was pretty slow) or in the conference venue itself (where I was busy with meetings).

So I will level with you – week 2 was pretty damn hard work. Drinking 4 shakes a day can be pretty boring and it turns out that despite liking some of the evening meals to start with in week 1, my taste buds have clearly changed as I now am not a fan at all. The bars (which you’re allowed two of a day) on the other hand are very nice but I didn’t have enough for my entire trip.

I think the most difficult part for me was sitting at an awards do and having a large steak (which looked amazing) plonked in front of me! But I persisted and despite a bit of a blip on my last day (where I had a salad) I kept to the Lighter Life plan against all odds! I was helped a lot by a colleague who I asked to hit me in the “private area” if he saw that I was eating stuff I should not – without him there I may well have strayed..

Because of the dislike to the evening meals and soup I also went to see my group leader today, exactly one week after my last weigh in and the good news is that despite being around many temptations in the US I managed to lose another 8lb, bringing the total so far to 21lb – exactly 1 and a half stone! Obviously I was pretty happy with this – with my second week only “officially” ending on Tuesday.

This means that I can update my target list and tick target one off the list and all going well should be able to do the same for target 2 either on Tuesday or next week.

Target 1 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) – Reward – Destiny for Xbox One – DONE
Target 2 – Lose 25lb
Target 3 – Lose 35lb
Target 4 – Lose 50lb
Target 5 – Lose 70lb
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb
Target 8 – Loose 110lb
FINAL GOAL – Lose 115lb (8st 2lb) – Reward – Wedding Ring
PROGRESS: 21lb gone – 94lb to go (18.26% gone)

I’m quite looking forward to getting back in a proper routine again this week – which I think will end up being 2 bars and 2 shakes a day but do have another challenge with two days at HQ around mid-week. I’m also going to attempt to get up a little earlier a couple of times this week for a swim.

One slight negative is that I don’t really feel like I’ve lost any weight yet – I have not really noticed it but think it will take me to hit around a 3st loss before this starts to happen so hopefully it’s only a few weeks away my current trousers being too big!

1st Weigh in

So I had to get weighed in a little earlier this week as I am off to the USA today.     I started the programme on Wednesday so have only been on it for 4 days so far and would usually get weighed in on Tuesday….

So with all that said (drum roll please…) so far I have lost…..

13lb!!!!  Considering that is in only 4 days I have to say that I am pretty happy with that and it was certainly more than I was expecting.

I also had to wee on a stick to check that I am in fat burning mode and thankfully I am which means I’m now allowed to have the bars – making it a lot easier for the plane journey later today.

Quite excited to see how much I can lose by Tuesday now and into my 2nd week and very glad I took the plunge and started a little earlier than planned.

Day 4 of Lighter Life

A short update today as I should really be packing for my trip to the US tomorrow afternoon.

Today has been a bit of a weird challenge.   When you start lighter life you’re told the first 3 days are usually the worse and whilst I’ve not found it massively difficult I’ve still been hungry at times and wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Day 4 on the other hand – whilst still having food cravings – has seen a complete lack of hunger.    It’s 10pm right now and I’ve just had to make pack 4 (chocolate shake) because I’m told I need to have 4 packs a day and don’t want to get shouted at my Sharron, my LL counselor tomorrow morning!

Hopefully my body has entered ketosis (I think it has) as if so then I can get some bars tomorrow as I will ideally have these as my “meals” on the 11 hour flight tomorrow.

I’m really worried about the US – not only because it’s the fast food nation but also because I’m going to a conference where they serve up Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to everyone except me!  I’m also going to a couple of “cocktail” parties in the evening where again I’ll be sticking to the water, something I don’t think I’ve ever done since the age of 16 onwards!

I’m hoping to continue to update the blog whilst I’m away as even if nobody is reading this – it does seem to help writing down my thoughts at the end of the day.


Goals and Rewards

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my goal should be recently and my concern has been around setting a goal that is too high to achieve.   This tends to be what I have always done and one of the reasons I’ve given up is because I’ve not really been getting close enough to it.

So after reading forum posts and blogs I’ve decided to set myself instead a number of different goals and try and have decided that I’ll reward myself for hitting these targets – I’ve not decided on the rewards for each but the idea is that if I see something that I want, instead of buying it straight out (often on the credit card!), I’ll add it to the rewards list.

So here they are:

Target 2 – Lose 14lb (1 stone) –  Reward – Destiny for Xbox One
Target 2 – Lose 25lb
Target 3 – Lose 35lb
Target 4 – Lose 50lb
Target 5 – Lose 70lb
Target 6 – Lose 85lb
Target 7 – Lose 100lb
Target 8 – Loose 110lb
FINAL GOAL – Lose 115lb (8st 2lb) – Reward – Wedding Ring

As of today I’ve only put in two rewards.    The first reward is for Destiny on the Xbox One – this is a bit of a cheeky one as it’s something I planned to get in the US next week but instead decided I should only get it if I have hit the first target as it will hopefully keep me on track.

The main reward – and something that is extremely important to me, is to finally get a wedding ring.   I’ve been married to my wonderful wife now for 10 years but have never had a wedding ring – always telling myself and others it’s because I don’t really like to wear jewelry, which whilst true is something I can get over.

The other reason that I’ve not got one is because when we originally went to look at rings my fingers were too fat to be able to get any of the ones that I really liked or wanted and it was a very embarrassing and depressing experience.    Lindsey has often suggested I get a ring as it is odd not to have one and as a final reward it’s exactly what I want.

These targets may change – perhaps 8st is not achievable for my body – but at least I now have something in writing with where I want to be.


Day 3 of Lighter Life

Today was going so well.    I had a banana shake in the morning for breakfast instead of the usual porridge… The Veg soup for lunch was really nice… The strawberry shake in the afternoon was my favourite yet.. Lots of water, no feeling hungry… all great…

Then some git got on the train and ate the smelliest (in a nice way) hot chicken dish known to man!

All of a sudden I was so bloody hungry!

So despite a productive & good day at work I ended up coming home in a bit of a mood!

Thankfully tonights dish was the pasta carbonara which was really good!   All of the dinners have been a lot better than I expected and it half makes up for the small portions!

I also this evening made an ice pop out of the fruits of the forest drinks mix so am looking forward to giving this a try a bit later on when it’s all set a bit later.

The other thing I have noticed this evening is that my mouth tastes horrible – so imagine the smelly breath is really into full swing!

Oh finally the other thing I noticed?   That would be at least 3lb lost since I started a few days ago.   I know I shouldn’t really weigh myself at home and wait until the next group session to see what the real loss is, but it does feel good that just a few days of hard work are already having a bit of an impact.

Tomorrow is going to be the biggest challenge yet.   At work I’ve been occupied with meetings and lots of things to do – but at home I have cupboards full of food that I am so desperate to eat!   I know that my will power this time round will keep me strong though, especially as it seems to be working so far.


Day 2 of Lighter Life

Day 2 has actually been a lot easier than I expected.   I’ve had a few small hunger pains but overall I’ve actually felt quite energetic and have not really struggled to keep on track.

To start the day I went for the Porridge option again but put in a lot less water and did it to taste this time which seemed to make it more of a porridge than a drink!     It worked well however it tasted quite sweet and I struggled a little after eating half of it to get the rest down, so I think I will need some more options for breakfast… Before I started Lighter Life I found a forum post on unofficial Lighter Life recipes so I am going to attempt to give a few of these a go, starting with the muffin recipe to try and get a bit more variety in my life.

In the afternoon I went for the soup option – this time mushroom and spring onion.


I actually quite enjoyed this and thought the flavor was nicer than the Tomato and Basil one that I had yesterday…..BUT….. there were what seemed like dried mushrooms in the pack which didn’t soak in the water as much as I had hoped they would and ended up having an almost rubber like complexion..  A real shame but will def get another of these to try again I think.

Later in the day (around 4pm) I had the vanilla shake – which again I preferred today compared to the chocolate one that I had the day before, but both of them to be fair were OK as far as taste goes.

And lastly in the evening I went for the “Curry” pack.   It tasted more like a chilli con carne without any rice, which isn’t a bad thing I guess, just kind of wish there was more of it!

Apparently it takes around three days to enter ketosis and already feeling like my breath is starting to smell (one of the side effects) which I guess is a good thing (apart from for those around me).

More tomorrow..

Day 1 of Lighter Life Continued..

It’s now 9pm and I’ve finished my evening meal.   It’s probably the one I’ve been dreading the most today as a friend who is on the plan said that he hated the main meals so I wasn’t expecting much.   Tonight I went for spaghetti bolognese.

This is what it looked like when I put the pack into the bowl…  not the most appealing thing I’ve seen I have to admit.



But add some water and stick it in the microwave and it does start to look a little better….


A read of the starter book has also informed me that I am able to add salt, pepper or tabasco sauce so I went for the tabasco option and it was actually pretty decent!   Definitely one that I will get again.

An early night is now on the cards as I’m starting to feel hungry and can’t eat anything else till the morning!

Day 1 of Lighter Life

So today is the day.    I get up both nervous and excited with no idea of how challenging this is going to be.

The below is a photo of today’s “menu”.    Looks pretty appetising  doesn’t it?



I started the day with a Porridge.  All packs just require you to add water and the suggest amount here was 150ml before popping in the microwave for 2 minutes.     I first put this into a bowl and attempted to eat it with a spoon but I soon found that the consistency was very much more like liquid so I ended up drinking it instead.    I think I’ll try this again tomorrow but add a little less water and see how it comes out.

I took the soup and the chocolate shake into the office and bought a litre bottle of water on the way into the office.    You are meant to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day which some people find quite difficult. By 4pm I had already had double this amount so don’t think drinking will be a problem when in the office!   At home may be a bit more difficult though as I’m not the biggest fan of the tap water in our house.

The soup I ate around 12.30pm and just mixed with boiling water.   It tasted OK but by 3pm I was hungry so started on the milkshake which actually took me a good hour or so to drink.    I’m not actually sure if I am hungry or just thinking too much about food – I’ve had a craving for crisps pretty much all day but have managed to occupy myself pretty well.

Another update later..